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A Bookkeeper's Corner is a Las Vegas based firm comprised of accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks experts that are trusted by businesses across the USA with outsourcing some or all of their accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping needs with us is easy and affordable and frees up your valuable time running the rest of your business! Our specialty is with QuickBooks accounting file setup, clean-up, catch-up, and weekly or monthly recurring accounting and bookkeeping services. Whether you are behind, caught up or just starting out you can outsource accounting to us! We service businesses in any industry, of any size, and with any budget IN ANY LOCATION!

Our Philosophy

After working in the Office Management and Accounting field for over 10 years, I began working as a freelancer in 2005. I started my practice in Orlando, Florida, then moved back "home" to San Jose, California where I acquired more clients in that area while still working virtually with some of my Orlando clients. In 2007, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and that's where I officially started A Bookkeeper's Corner.

I make accounting painless and easy-to-understand. Business owners have enough worries selling a product or a service and managing their employees. You need answers at the click of a button (or a couple). That's what I provide to my clients. As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of having access to accurate and up-to-date records. Knowing where you stand financially at all times is imperative to make smart decisions. Not to mention, quickly responding to insurance companies, banks, and/or investor requirements when they ask for your financial status (i.e. financial reports).

I pride myself in being self-taught, refusing to always do things "by-the-book" and always thinking outside the box. Even in the accounting field we can bring humor and creativity, and with the new technology available, it's no longer just about debits and credits. Finding solutions to problems is my Forte and I always love a challenge and a problem that I can work to solve. I don't approach accounting from the an accountant's stand-point. I approach it from a real-life stand point. What happens to your money is what I like to reflect in the books- in plain and simple terms. I'm an expert at making it quick and painless. I don't need a lot of instruction or information to put your financial picture together. Even if you have one or more source of information, I approach it with the end in mind. I also work with couples in their personal finances. Most of my personal finance clients are business owners so they require I maintain the 2 sets of books: personal and business. I'm an expert in tracking those difficult transactions from personal to business and from business to personal. All the transfers, loans, and cash transactions that occur when you're a busy entrepreneur running your household and your business.

What are the answers you're looking for? Are you looking to expand, invest, downsize? Are you looking to get out of debt? That's how I'll customize your reports. In a way that answers all those questions- while remaining compliant with the IRS- and making it painless for your CPA as well. You'll know what the numbers represent on your Profit & Loss (income statement) and your Balance Sheet by looking at them. No hidden numbers to figure out. I won't confuse you with fancy terms. I'm just here to tell you where you've been and where you're going....numerically.

I look forward to providing you quality bookkeeping services.


Yaritza Delorenzo

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