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Dr. Stephen Brown's first experiences as a dentist had an enormous impact on how he approaches the art and science of dentistry. He met a high proportion of mature folks as his first patients. It became clear to Dr. Brown that those patients who had invested in their oral health to retain their optimal chewing function were in better overall health and more active people.

More recently, the obesity and diabetes "epidemics" in America have reinforced for him the vital role of the teeth as the initiators of the digestive process. People who are able to chew better can eat fruits, vegetables and leaner meat and can therefore maintain a healthier diet. People who are missing teeth or whose teeth are painful tend to rely on soft foods which tend to have considerably less nutritional value.

Dr. Brown is also aware that most people have a lot of demands on their time and money in today's fast-paced society. He is a big believer in providing the best solution for the dental problem and in using the best materials, thus saving the patient time and money.

The goal of his practice is to use his skills and experience to benefit our patients - to improve their appearance and function - with the strong belief that better oral health leads to better overall health. This is the goal of the whole dental team.

In over 25 years of dental practice, Dr. Brown has realized that there are a lot of good people with significant dental troubles who don't know where to turn for comprehensive dental care. We offer you such a place. The first step is to call for an appointment.


We provide adults with high-quality, long-term restorative dentistry. What does that mean? It means we perform fillings and root canals. We provide crowns and bridges, partial and full dentures. We also offer dental cleanings and teeth whitening services.

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