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Intuitive Rebirth

Intuitive Rebirth sessions are all about accessing your inner truth and initiating your next stage of embodiment. The healing is in calling your power back. Together, we will unplug from the sources that drain your sacred sensual energy; and realign your chakras leaving you feeling balanced in a state of flow. My goal is to elevate your sacred sensitivity and help reconnect you to your feelings. That's right, you need to feel in order to heal! Come home to your heart...

Step fully into your sovereignty.

In this time of illusion, it's about getting real.

The First Session

The first session is all about uncovering your energetic imprint and discovering what cycle you are currently outgrowing. In this session, I'll ask for some basic information to uncover your galactic signature, life path numbers and human design. Uncovering this information will help you better understand your energy levels and emotional states as well as timely chapters and phases of what you are bound to experience in this next phase of your life path. This alone is $100 for a full package of resources and a 90 minute chat about what it all means and how to explore further comprehending and integrating the information that resonates.

The Second Session

The second session reveals and brings up all that was stagnant, keeping you feeling stuck or held down, up to the surface to be acknowledged and fully seen. We will spend about two hours together. The session will begin with a meditation and some light techniques for guided breathing just to ground you into the moment. Next we will begin a discussion that involves the support of finding clarity through oracle and advice cards. (Please keep in mind, I personally do not use the tarot.) At your discretion, I will share any messages that I feel come through. After we gain clarity of your current situation and the energy surrounding it, I will begin a questionnaire that involves mainly yes or no answers. This may bring up some triggers for us to work through, it's truly a beautifully honest, summoning of strength, if you ask me! Then, we will have revealed the dark b.s. (belief systems) and rewrite the story in a healthy and uplifting way. To complete the session, I will provide written treatments, various exercises, intuitive recommendations, and powerful affirmations to continue on working with.

Final Session

Session number three is the big catapult, the purge and most importantly the launch! This is the initiation and the culmination; the very definition of ASATOMA where we transmute all the energy from darkness to light, from illusion to truth and absolutely, from fear to love. Arriving to the studio, you will already be prepared to release and let go, based on the work we've done in the previous sessions. (And if you're not, we'll be in a safe space to move through these thoughts and whatever is coming up as resistance for you, not to worry. The Intuitive Rebirth energy-work method takes you deep into your layers of resistance (the spaces within your body that are longing to be loved. It is by bringing absolute loving presence to these deep layers within that you will find your greatest healing and opportunities for expansion. As a seasoned Intuitive Rebirth practitioner I can assure you, the number one compliment I hear time and time again is that it feels like 5+ years of therapy in every single session. If you're ready to deep dive into the shadow work and step into your sovereignty.

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