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Dr. Keith R Konvalinka Family Dentistry

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Our primary focus is your dental health with a commitment to addressing your comfort. That focus on health means we assess your teeth, gums - really your whole mouth - stressing what works for you and what you'll need [and need to do] to maintain a healthy mouth for a lifetime; we screen for "silent" problems like gum disease, oral cancer or other conditions that can affect your overall health as well as jeopardize the restoration of more obvious problems like decayed, broken, ugly or missing teeth; and we work with you to achieve a healthy condition you can maintain throughout a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Our philosophy is that true health is a process not a one-time service. It's a group effort not something we or you can do alone. And it's a shared commitment between our staff and you, not something you can buy in a tube or some pill we throw at you and ask you to call us later.

We provide dental care to every member of the family in a setting we hope you find comfortable and relaxing. Most folks don't equate "relaxed and comfortable" with a dental visit, but we try hard to make it so. Our open treatment operatories avoid that claustrophobic feeling and allow you to see what's going on behind the scenes; the bird feeders just outside the windows lure in the birds to entertain you and give you a focus beyond the mundane of our dental work; our eclectic musical selections are ... well, at least they can be distracting and something you might never have expected to hear at a dental office; and our dental technology allow us to treat you with less discomfort, greater speed, and in less visits that we could just a few years ago.

Dr. Konvalinka provides professional family dentistry services to the greater Kalamazoo Michigan area. Keith began his career in 1981 as the Dental Director for the Migrant and Rural Community Health Association in Bangor, Michigan. He opened his general dentistry practice in Kalamazoo the next year and has grown it from a one-employee [his wife] start-up in a crowded medical complex to a stand-alone dental practice with a staff of seven in its current location on Stadium Drive. His enthusiasm for the evolving technology of dentistry has meant an ever-growing list of improvements in the instruments and techniques that benefit our patients. From lasers to CAD/CAM to digital radiography, his aim is to incorporate "the new" into "the tried and true" to make our patients' experience better, easier, faster, more comfortable, and less stressful than we were able to provide the day before.

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