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J Devlin Glass Art

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J Devlin designs today include a broad and unique line of items including picture frames, lamps, keepsake boxes, night lights, ornaments, kaleidoscopes and trays.

If your only familiarity with night lights is for helping children sleep soundly at night, then you are not giving them enough credit. You are also not giving yourself a chance to enjoy this little home decor. But what makes fused glass night lights fit for adults?

They Are Art
To put it simply, yes, night lights are art. At least these fused glass night lights are. They are beautiful works of craftsmanship that highlight just how amazing the practice of glasswork is. In order to create the intricate and gorgeous designs set into these night lights, individual glass chips of different colors are brought together to be heated and fused to glass panels to display their beauty. Take a look at this multicolored glass night light for example. It looks like abstract art, set in glass. That's just incredible. Imagine the light passing through each one of those colored pieces, partially taking on all the colors and leaving its mark against the walls. It's amazing to see artistic vision and skill combined into one beautiful product. These fused glass night lights are no exception.

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