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KMP's process is unique in answering the needs of companies whose positioning and branding is in need of close examination and in many cases, overhaul. Through state-of-the-art research methodologies combined with hitting-the-streets discovery, we compile an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). This includes management experience and expectations, client and competitor history, new product and customer service potentials, and category trends. Lastly, we write market and communications plans with strategies that increase margins and market share.

The overwhelming majority of brands are mediocre, having a small set of characteristics, amplifying a dull, static message and requiring constant marketing support. In some ways they resemble commodities and generics.

Really excellent brands appeal to a wide range of intellectual and emotional associations, are entertaining and informative, and present a firm set of values.

Intellectual Property

Not so long ago, a company's worth was based on its real estate, equipment, plant, receivables, and inventory. "Good will" was thrown in at 20% or less of the value. With the rise of branding and the security and private equity market's appreciation for branding's role in virtually all categories from CPG to B2B, intellectual property value has skyrocketed to give or take 80% of a company's worth.

A key ingredient in the marketing matrix is the power of great creative. The muscle to extend the efficiency and reach of media and the attendant ROI, to cut through the competitive clutter, build brand awareness and amplify positive attributes and benefits. This results in greater brand loyalty, trust and equity. KMP is a multimedia company that creates relevant advertising (edgy, crisp, visual, interruptive) based on marketplace insight, creative brief strategy, and contemporary art direction and copywriting. Production values and file management execution are pristine.

The "point-of-sale" can be on the shelf at Safeway, in a sales presentation, on an e-commerce screen, at a shipping dock or in a trade show. Regardless, the branding imagery on a business card, package, power point presentation, carton, web screen, exhibit, even an advertising specialty, should be immediately recognizable to the marketer's respective publics. And, it should trigger a positive emotional and intellectual recall of the brand's attributes and benefits. KMP's design and collateral team is expert at delivering on these objectives.

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