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Nuvia Dental Implant Center - St. George, Utah

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Sometimes when an implant is placed the body needs a little help to heal, so we place something called a membrane on the site. Other clinics use manufactured membranes which can sometimes compromise the healing process. At Nuvia Dental Implant Center, our implant technicians use your own white blood cells to create the membrane. This creates a more natural healing process allowing the site is to heal much quicker and the implant to be received more effectively. It takes time for the bone to integrate and take a firm enough hold on your implant so that it won't break when you bite down on something hard. Some other clinics rush to get your final smile placed before the integration is strong enough. If that happens the implant could fracture the bone and need to be replaced entirely. At Nuvia Dental Implant Center, all of our implants undergo our TruIntegration tests. This gives us a reading of how strong your implants have integrated into the bone and tells us when we can connect your final set of teeth to the implants. This way we can get your smile to you as safely as possible, and give it the best chance to last a lifetime without worry.

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