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WATER SOLUBLE is the key! Unless nutrients are water-soluble, plants and animals can't get to or use them. Hemp oil cbd (such as CBD) are naturally lipophilic (oil based), which means your body often can only absorb 3-6% of the nutrients, while the rest passes through the body unused. Water-soluble nutrients, on the other hand, enter the body quickly and efficiently, allowing your body to absorb up-to 60-100% of the nutrients. Just 10mg of a water-soluble nutrient can out-perform 100-200mg of the same type of nutrient that is not water-soluble. That's a HUGE difference to you and your family's health! 100% Legal and can even be bought at PuRx7. Like PuRx7 mentioned before, over 90% of your oil will most likely be wasted unless it becomes water-soluble BEFORE you ingest it. That's where our proprietary Micellization Technology comes in. Mimicking the body's natural micellization process, our CBD instantly dissolves in water, rather than bunching up in oil clumps, like regular CBD. That makes our Pure cbd oil highly "bio-absorbable" to the body. That's one of the biggest reasons why we're the #1 CBD Oil in the market!

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