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Summit Academy was designed specifically to meet the needs of the students, rather than insisting that the students adhere to a predetermined program that doesn't work for them.

Here's how we're different:

We have very small classes. Homeroom classes for younger grades are usually no more than ten students; twelve in a class for older students. Math and literacy classes are broken out into even smaller groups, and can be as small as two students, depending on the needs of the child.

Homogeneous class groupings. We very deliberately and carefully create classrooms of students that have similar issues, so they can be taught using particular methods and strategies.

We do mastery teaching. That means that students do not move on to the next concept until the current one is thoroughly understood.

We teach students math and literacy at their achievement level, not their grade level. That means that a 4th grader who excels at math but not literacy may be in a '6th grade' math class, and a '3rd grade' literacy class. This allows children to be challenged, but not frustrated.

We have a unique school day. We teach math and literacy skills in the morning, school-wide. This allows students to move forward at their own pace, and if they have achieved their grade level in their deficit subject, they will move to a higher level class.

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