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titanium Sheets and roundbars Manufacturers india

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we have large and varied inventory of titanium mill-person forms such as plate,sheet,coil,strip,foil,billet,bar and wire.

we are one of the most reputed Importers and Exporters in all types of Titanium products in india.We offer titanium sheets,plates,coils,foils,roundbars,pipes,tubes,wires & electrode in different type of thickness,sizes,specification,grades and dimensions.we are a leading global supplier and exporters of titanium and titanium alloy products.we also planning to became a titanium roundbars manufacturers india.titanium can be alloyed with a number of different elements for a number of applications, including aerospace, military, automotive and industrial process.

Titanium is known as a transition metal on the periodic table of elements denoted by the symbol Ti. It is a lightweight, silver-gray material with an atomic number of 22 and an atomic weight of 47.90. It has a density of 4510 kg/m 3 , which is somewhere between the densities of aluminum and stainless steel as It has a melting point of roughly 3,032°F (1,667°C) and a boiling point of 5,948°F (3,287 C). It behaves chemically similar to zirconium and silicon. It has excellent corrosion resistance and a high strength to weight ratio.having vast knowledge of titanium & titanium alloy products we are huge titanium sheets suppliers in india.

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